Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God


Download Banjo_Billy's latest booklet and learn everything
about the Maniac Muslim Menace.

This 56-page booklet completely debunks the hoax of Islam
from the epileptic seizures of Mohammad, the Psychopath of Arabia,
to its oppression of women for the lusts of the goat-humping Arabs,
to their fake Hajj and phony Ramadan sex-fests.

This booklet tells it all from one who actually infiltrated Islam
and escaped with the Muslim's innermost secret teachings.

Don't be misled by the lying Jewish TV commentators or the deluded
Christian fools who think Islam is a real religion instead of the hoax that it is.

Learn the truth about Islam from its very beginnings:
Islam is a lie and a false religion devised by the Biggest Liar
Arabia ever produced, Mohammad, the epileptic sex-fiend.

Protect yourself with this knowledge and ask yourself:
"What kind of a religion says,
"Go forth and murder, rape, arson, lie and steal, then you will go to Paradise!"
A religion of God or a religion of the Devil?

A religion of Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God.
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