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Learn the Secrets of Ancient Viking and Celtic Martial Art

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"Secrets of the Gundestrup Cauldron"
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             Start your exercise session with
The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China 
for all around good health and relaxation or
to relieve specific modern ailments.

These once-secret exercise methods won't make you sweat. They
won't increase your heart rate. And they won't cause you pain or
strain. What they will do, is to lower your blood pressure, to ease your
aches and pains, to tonify your muscles, relieve your stress, stave off
old age symptoms, calm your mind and increase your sense of well-being.
And all of this AND MORE during ten minutes of the practice!!!
Amazing results from nine, simple, slow-motion movement methods!
Learn anywhere that you have room to stretch your arms and swivel your hips!

 Watch and learn these ancient exercise methods today!

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 Hsing-I Chuan Complete video for free download

Now you can learn the entire kung-fu system of Hsing-I Chuan. This famous system of Chinese
Boxing and health exercise is one of the oldest and most respected of the fighting arts in
China's 5,000 year history. This color video contains the entire system of Hsing-I Chuan
including the
Five Element Fist form, the Linking Fist form, the 12 Animal forms, the
Mixed-Combination Fist form, as well as Broadsword and Spear forms
. The entire system
is demonstrated at a slow, learning speed so that you can learn all of the forms very easily.

"Hsing-I Chuan"  means "The Mind-Form Fist" and it has not been famous so many centuries
because it is a useless and weak style but because it is so excellent and powerful. It is
practiced not only for self-defense but also because it is a superb system of health exercise
that revitalizes the internal organs and tonifies the muscles and strengthens the mind. It is
suitable for both old and young to practice, can be practiced at any speed or with any kind of
strong or weak muscular effort. It is one of the three internal styles of kung-fu -- Tai Chi Chuan
and Pa Kua Chang being the other two. Use Hsing-I Chuan to manifest your Qi for health and power.

Filmed from all angles with repetitions and clear explanations, this is not only an educational
treasure but it is also the first time in the history of Chinese Kung-Fu that the entire Hsing-I system
has been taught to the general public. Filmed in Hawaii by the famous teacher and
martial arts historian, Patrick Hodges, this is not only an educational treat but this is a
true collector's item for both the avid student as well as the kung-fu connoisseur.
This video runs for about one hour and was only $29.95 plus shipping. However, as a public service
we are now offering Free Downloads of this historical and educational video instruction.

Watch it today. Click here  


The Dragon's Pearl (aka, The Pearl of Great Price)

You have read about it in the Bible,  where it is called the "Pearl of Great Price".
You have seen allusions to it in Chinese paintings and stories from 1,000 BC,
where it is known as the "Dragon's Pearl". But what is this mysterious treasure?
Is it real or myth? Now, you can hold the Dragon's Pearl, the Pearl of Great Price, in
your very own hands as your own personal treasure of power and knowledge.
The complete Pearl of Great Price is given to you on this one and a half minute
video that shows this ancient secret of both Christianity and Chinese Culture.
The video includes two essays by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei explaining the method for
generating chi in your hands and gaining not only the secret of Healing Hands
but for obtaining the ancient secret of the Pearl of Great Price.
This video is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.  Order your copy today!


 Subzero.gif (24396 bytes) Yes, Kung-Fu is a martial art where-by you can learn to defeat various aggressors.
But the most deadly muggers you will ever meet, are attacking you daily.
These Three Evil Muggers are named ILLNESS, OLD AGE and DEATH. They are always
on the offensive. But you can learn to defend against them with Chinese and Aryan Kung-Fu.
The ancient secrets of the Aryan princes and the Chinese sages.
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