Essentials of Acupuncture
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 "Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture"
               (432 page Adobe Acrobat eBook)
                       written and compiled by
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and the Acupuncture Institute of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Foreign Language Press, Beijing, First Edition, 1980.

Well written and clearly explained, this English language text book covers all
phases of Acupuncture. This is the recommended textbook for those taking
the free acupuncture lessons that we offer. But it is also excellent enough to
be a stand-alone textbook for anyone interested in this Chinese Science.
Contains black and white photographs, line drawings and color meridian maps,
full essays on all Meridians and the medical uses of each acupuncture point.
Annotations, notes and full printing of all pages is enabled.

Previously available as an online download in Adobe Acrobat format for only $24.95
but now offered as a free download. For your free acupuncture study book,
Left Click to read it online or Right Click to save t to your hard drive.

Click here for your free "Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture" eBook

For the acupuncture lessons formerly offered by the Five Dragons Acupuncture College
be sure to visit the Occidental Institute Research Foundation.


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