Dragon's Pearl
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 The Dragon's Pearl (a.k.a., The Pearl of Great Price)

You have read about it in the Bible,  where it is called the "Pearl of Great Price".
You have seen allusions to it in Chinese paintings and stories from 1,000 BC,
where it is known as the "Dragon's Pearl". But what is this mysterious treasure?
Is it real or myth? Now, you can hold the Dragon's Pearl, the Pearl of Great Price, in
your very own hands as your own personal treasure of power and knowledge.
The complete Pearl of Great Price is given to you on this one and a half minute
video that shows this ancient secret of both Christianity and Chinese Culture.
The video includes two essays by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei explaining the method for
generating chi in your hands. This secret will give you the power of Healing Hands.
And you will realize for yourself the secret to the mysterious Pearl of Great Price
of Biblical lore.

View the Text file Here.

Watch the video Here.

Once you hold the Dragon's Pearl in your hand, you will be ready to see another
great mystery known as looking through your Third Eye or the One Eye of Odin.

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