Hsing-I Chuan
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           Five Element 12 Animal Hsing-I Chuan  

Now you can learn the entire kung-fu system of Hsing-I Chuan. This famous system of Chinese
Boxing and health exercise is one of the oldest and most respected of the fighting arts in
China's 5,000 year history. This color video contains the entire system of Hsing-I Chuan
including the
Five Element Fist form, the Linking Fist form, the 12 Animal forms, the
Mixed-Combination Fist form, as well as Broadsword and Spear forms

This is an instructional video containing history lectures and complete demonstrations of
the entire Hsing-I Chuan system demonstrated by the respected kung-fu teacher,
Sifu Patrick Hodges of the Tiger of Liberty Educational Association. This famous teacher
provided the foundation for many of today's kung-fu experts by being among the first teachers
to spread the complete kung-fu systems of China to the West first by 8mm films and then videotape.

Filmed from all angles with repetitions and clear explanations, this is not only an educational treasure
but it was also the first time in the history of Chinese Kung-Fu that the entire Hsing-I system
had been taught to the general public. Filmed in Hawaii by the famous teacher and
martial arts historian, Patrick Hodges, this is not only an educational treat but is a
true collector's item for both the avid student as well as the kung-fu connoisseur.
As a public service, we are offering the complete video of this ancient and famous kung-fu
style for free viewing and download.

For exercise, use the Hsing-I Chuan Forms to gain a smooth circulation of your Qi energy for good health
and longevity. And as the forms improve your strength and invigorate your Qi, you will automtically
be practicing the moves that give you Kung-Fu Skills and Self-Defense Power.

These forms are demonstrated slowly and softly, so that they are easy to learn. Slow and soft also allows
your Qi to circulate. As you gain skill in the postures, you can increase speed and power to whatever level
you wish. One health rule, however, is this:
If you do anything that hurts, stop. Chinese kung-fu is unlike
anything known in the West. The power of your Qi and the strength of your Mind is what moves your body,
not your muscles. So, learn how to apply power in a relaxed manner, without muscular effort but with
mental concentration and spiritual power. Both old and young can learn and benefit from Chinese kung-fu.
Everybody needs good health every day. So, practice daily to find the superior health that Chinese kung-fu
offers. And while you are getting healthy, you are learning the moves necessary for martial prowess.

Siifu Hodges has made Chinese kung-fu easy to learn. Now, all you have to do is practice.
Ah, that is the hard part; getting up early for some fresh air and getting off of the couch for some exercise.

With Chinese kung-fu, you don't need equipment, all you need is knowledge.

And here it is, the Complete System of Hsing-I Chuan. Watch it for free or download it with a Media Catcher.
We recommend the Applian Replay Media Catcher which will capture any video on the Internet.


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