The Writings of Banjo_Billy
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EXCLUSIVE !!!! The Infamous Writings of Banjo_Billy

Bamboo Delight Company has been able to obtain First Publication Rights
the the writings of Banjo_Billy, that White Nationalist writer who is often found on chat boards
defeating the Jews, Communists, traitors, queers, and various other anti-Americans.

His most famous quote is:
"Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews: the Jews are Devils -- real ones!"

For the latest of his major essays visit this web page. We are the first on the Internet to showcase his works.
He has granted us First Publication Rights but anyone may re-publish these works as long as they are
provided to the public for free and contain a link to this page.

Convicting the Jew Series

Other Writings

Part 1: Never an Honest Jew

Why Jews Kill the Best of People

Part 2: Why the Jews Condone Pedophila

Death to the Bankers

Part 3: Rabbi's Nose and Jewess' Snatch

What is the Bankers Agenda?

Part 3: Doing Evil on the Sabbath is Jewish

What is Feminism?

Why Detroit Can't Make and Efficient Auto

The False Jew Theories of Kevin MacDonald

Why is the Holocaust So Unpopular?

Why Jesus was Not a Jew

Pharisees and Sadducees

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Vol 1, The Sumerian Swindle

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Vol. 2, The Monsters of Babylon

The Protocols of the Ruffle Crested Kikes of Zion

Why the Old Testament is a Lie

What the Muslim Sharia Laws Will Do To You

The Strange Case of Mump-Nuts DeClue

My Dog Mohammad

Mexican Racism Against American

Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God

Telephone interview with Banjo_Billy about his book, The Sumerian Swindle.


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