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 Combining Aryan Knowledge with Chinese Medicinal 
Exercises, we have been able to develop Healing 
and Exercise methods superior to all others.
Ancient Knowledge to cure Modern Problems.

                                                                              Health, Wealth and Happiness!
We offer you these in addition to Kung-Fu and the secret Aryan Health and Power Secrets as represented by the Swastika, Sunwheel, Spiral and the Tai Chi Symbol.
 Alternative Medicine, Weight Loss Secrets, Kung-Fu, and even Chinese Wealth Secrets !  Aryan Knowledge from ancient Europe and Knowledge from Old China, are but a few of the treasures that you will find here including Free Acupuncture Lessons and Free KungFu Lessons. Certainly, you have heard about The Pearl of Great Price (the Chinese call it the Dragon's Pearl) ! These great treasures you can also have for your very own for free.

Here at the Bamboo Delight Company, you can find the ALTERNATIVE METHODS for the healing of disease. We are a research and educational company only. We do not recommend, diagnose or treat disease, so please do not send us any requests for that service. However, we do offer various ALTERNATIVE METHODS which anyone can try for themselves. These methods are safe, proven and effective with 5,000 years of Chinese experience in healing to back them up.


The Counterbias Newsletter


How the Jews Betrayed Mankind
Volume II, The Monsters of Babylon



How the Jews Betrayed Mankind
Volume I, The Sumerian Swindle, 2nd Edition


Free Sample of Chapter from
Banjo_Billy's New Book,
Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God

What is The Devil's Truth?

What is Banjoism?

Forever True: The Historic Speeches of Frazier Glenn Miller

The Religion of Peas
Episode 1: Moderate Muslim Sheiki al-Freaky

Banjo_Billy's New essay
Mexican Racism Against Americans


New Page
Videos Banned on YouTube


Aryan_Chinese_Swaztikas video
Are you healthy enough and limber enough to do them?
If not, then here is the ancient secret of good health.


A Nigger in the White House
A poem in MP3 format published by the Cosmic Wheel Association

Tsun Shen-Shung's American View

Banjo_Billy's latest short story,
My Dog Mohammad


Newest Video From the Cosmic Wheel Association
The Dome of the Rock is to be Destroyed


Free eBook
A Sea of Blood: The Truth about Bolshevik Russia

Free Downloads

Banjo_Billy's latest booklet,
The Protocols of the Ruffle Crested Kikes of Zion
(Where-in the Author of the Protocols is Identified)

Exclusive!!! The infamous writings of

Muslim Demographics: Breeding like Flies

 Need Money? Then read the Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth for Free
Make money the very first day. Ancient knowledge for modern times.

Curing Cancer with Baking Soda:
 What MDís and Naturopaths Donít Know

Breast Cancer and Jewish Bras

Losing Weight is Easy and Quick; and with
The Skinny Buddha Weight Loss Method you can lose weight for Free.
No other way is faster, healthier or safer. Guaranteed !

How to Stop Smoking



The Pearl of Great Price

Swindling the Goyim (free Flash video)

Swindling the Goyim: Episode Two

The Christian Criminal (a poem in MP3 format)


Australian Fluoride Action to Stop Water Fluoridation


The next time you think about going to a Jewish doctor,
know the basic teaching for a Jewish physician and think twice about it.

 "It is forbidden [for a Jewish doctor] to heal a non-Jew even for payment..."
"It is forbidden to save non-Jews if they are at the point of death;
if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued."

                                             -- Moses Maimonides, Guide to the Perplexed

Now do you know why diseases are never cured but only treated and treated and treated
for money and more money and more money ???

Learn about Dr. Wu's Anti-Jew Medicine


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