Dr. Wu's Challenge
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Dr. Wu's Challenge to Western Medicine

An Open Letter from Dr. Wu Tao-Wei
to all Western Doctors and Health Care Professionals:

To my esteemed colleagues,

You cannot deny that even the finest sports car requires many
things that are similar to the requirements of the human body.
Without oxygen, neither car nor human can operate. To restrict
the flow of air through the carburetor kills the engine. And
yet, Western People and Western Doctors know more about proper
aspiration for their cars than they do about the proper
breathing of their own lungs.

An automobile that has frayed, pinched or cracked electrical
wiring can only sputter along with crackling radio and flickering
lights. The nerves within the body, likewise, can produce
atrophy and impairment when they are frayed, pinched or broken.
And yet, it has only been since 1991 that the Western Physicians
were ordered by the courts to stop interfering with the employment
of Chiropractic's for the relief of illness. If you put a rubber
band around your finger long enough, it will die and become
gangrenous. Can you not agree that the same constricting effect
is possible internally? And yet, Western Chiropractic cannot
compare with Chinese techniques but they are better than nothing.

A car needs to have all of its parts in proper alignment. A
loose king pin or a worn main bearing or door latch, gives much
trouble. And yet, the American People think nothing of being
slouches, sitting and walking unmindfully without the slightest
concern for how their posture misaligns both their joints as
well as their internal organs.

An automobile that is filled with bad or stale gasoline or
that which has adulterations like water in it, will certainly
not run but with the most severe vibrations, chugs and coughs.
And yet, the American and European People demand better quality
gas for their cars than they demand better quality food for
their stomachs.

Primarily, Americans subsist on garbage. American food is
in shiny tins and flashy packages, to be sure, but it is still
garbage. Such food can only cause many forms of mental and
physical illness. And yet, what hospital in America is
without its soft drink and candy machine or the assorted pieces
of junk food on the hospital menu?

There is no use going on with these metaphors. Your symptomatic
approach to healing is both ridiculous and useless. What are you
going to do about these situations? To continue as you have
been trained in the West to do is a great crime. It is time to
explore the time-proven and ancient knowledge that China has to
offer the world. Your own health will benefit and the
health of your patients will improve.

For the sake of humanity, you must learn what China has known
for the past 5,000 years ... CHI, the life force.


Dr. Wu Tao-Wei,
March 10 2003


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