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Jewish Hate is no Crime

Let me tell you what a great joke we Jews have played on the stupid goyim. Our Jewish lawyers and politicians have invented the greatest brainwashing methods ever! We can hate whoever we please but the goyim are only allowed to hate who we want them to hate. And they are never allowed to hate a Jew or we will accuse them of being anti-Semites! So, now do you admit that we Jews are the most clever people on Earth? Who else could play tricks like this and get away with it? Come on and admit it, all of you Nazis! You can never out-fox a Jew because we are allowed by the Laws of the Talmud to deceive you in any way that we wish! But by your Christian and Platonic Laws, you must seek the truth and tell the truth. So, who will win after all? You, who tell us the truth and falsely assume that we are doing likewise? Or the Jews who take your truth for whatever we can get out of it and then feed you back lies and deceits? You don't have a chance against us because the Holy One of Israel has commanded us to deceive and to destroy you.

So, let me tell you how clever we are in regard to that big boogieman that we call "Hate Crime". And the stupid goyim have fallen into our trap happily! They think that they can become better people if they give up hate like we tell them to do and instead to only feel love. Ha! Such fools! Can't they see that Love and Hate are two sides of a coin, and one cannot exist without the other to give it contrast?

So, how does our "Hate Crime Swindle" work? It works by short-circuiting human emotion and criminalizing human feelings. Thus, our Jewish lawyers will always have plenty of people to hail before a judge where we can drain off their wealth into our pockets and enslave them  to the penal system!

We Jews have invented "Hate Crime Laws" so that we can swindle the goyim, take their wealth and steal their liberties even more than we do already and if they complain about it, we can then send them to prison for feeling hate. We don't want the goyim to feel anything! Neither hate nor love! We want them to be just as the Holy One of Israel made them to be ... dumb animals fit only as servants for the Jews. And so, once the goyim are afraid of feeling hate, then we will work on them even more so that they become afraid of feeling love. And when the goyim can no longer fell either hate or love, then they truly no longer are human but are mere animals. And the world will become another Garden of Eden where-in there are only Jews and animals made as our servants.


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