God the 8th Essential
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Whether you believe in God or not is everyone's free choice. But after you have obtained
all of the Essentials of Life, then how can you explain how you got them without a certain
mysterious Provenance?

There is a certain Power in the Universe that is not something that you can feel or touch
but it is something that you can sense. It is something very large and yet very small. No way
to explain it. But if you practice Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong, you
can begin to get in touch with this power, first through you and then through the Universe.

I  cannot explain all of the various religions in this short introduction web page. But I will say that
if you can find your own qi, your own holy spirit, then all religions will open to you like a lotus.

No matter where in the list of Essentials of Life you find yourself, seek God and God will find you.

The first seven of the Eight Essentials of Life are physical and the Eighth Essential is spiritual.

All are important but the Eighth is the most important because it is Eternal.

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