Children the 7th Essential
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Because children are the future of any people, by destroying or ruining the children
the People are destroyed.

And so it is in the West, an entire People is being exterminated through the destruction
of their children and thus their future generations will never be. This is especially true among the
white people of America and Europe. Through the Jewish swindles such as birth control, contraceptives,
the Jewish abortion mills, the promotion of lesbianism and homosexuality, the promotion of promiscuous
behavior and juvenile delinquency, the Jewish fraud of Feminism, the higher taxation of married couples, the
brainwashing and lies about an alleged "over-population", and many other methods, the Jews have been able
to reduce the population of the white people in both Europe and America.

It is a form of genocide perpetrated by the world's foremost hypocrites who whine and cry about Nazi genocide
while they are simultaneously murdering millions of white people through the Jewish Genocide by Stealth and Abortion.

Without children, the society and the Nation falls and disappears. And without children, the nation cannot
keep society populated with the farmers, mechanics, and workers of all sorts who keep everything running smoothly.
But not to worry because to replace these dwindling white people, the Jews have prepared the way for
Mexicans and African and Middle Easterners to over run and displace the white Americans and Europeans.
And in gratitude, these foreign peoples will gladly pay the Jews for houses to buy and lands to rent that have been
seized from the white populace by the Jewish bankers.

Children are your guarantee of a comfortable old age. Just as you raised them, in your old age, they can be of
great service to you. so, cherish your children and they will cherish you.

And the Eighth Essential of Life is a mystery.

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