Spouse the 6th Essential
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Falling in love with your perfect mate, is a great dream and ideal in the West. But it is impractical.
Boys and girls don't have the wisdom to choose a mate for themselves and so, in most societies
of the ancient world, the parents would choose a mate for them. Even in America, during the early times,
a child would not marry anyone whom the parents did not like. And so, strong, pioneering families were
built that made America strong. Likewise, in Europe and many other places such as China, the parents
did their best to see that their children would be happily married.

But like so many things, the Jews have spoiled a good system in their efforts at destroying everyone who
is non-Jewish. More and more, the ideas of personal love and the importance of artificialities have been
emphasized by the Jewish Media Monopoly, and society is much worse off thanks to the Jewish efforts.

For the Jews to be able to sell more of the products of their cosmetic monopoly and clothing monopoly,
their relatives in the Media push the idea that people can only find happiness with the handsomest
and most beautiful mates. Women, especially, have been targeted by the Jewish merchants to strive to
be as beautful and well dressed as money can buy so that they attract men who seek such falseness.
And so, many wonderful women who don't meet the Jewish standard, who are a bit over-weight, or who
have some physical appearance that is not deemed to be "beautiful", these women are left alone and lonely
and without mates, overlooked by the young men who also have been deceived by the Jews. The attributes of
kindness, intelligence, honesty, integrity, loyalty, the things that make a good woman, are placed far behind such
ephemeral attributes as "cuteness" or "prettiness". And so, strong families are not built.

And in their eternal quest at destroying all of Mankind, this suites the Jews fine.

And so, if you are looking for a mate, you should seek a person whose heart and mind you admire. This is
so much more important that a pretty face.

And once you have found your mate, the Seventh Essential of Life is Children.

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