Shelter the 5th Essential
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Shelter is the Fifth Essential of Life.

And like everything else in the world where Jews have been allowed to attach themselves,
the housing industry is another Jewish swindle that costs the homeowner a large part of his working life
and millions of dollars of his money while the Jewish bankers do nothing but count their profits.

If you look at any part of this beautiful world, you will see that Nature provides everything a person needs
to build a shelter for himself and his family. Whether you are an Eskimo living in an igloo or a Bushman living
in a hut of sticks or a Mexican living in an adobe house or an Irishman living in a sod hut, of a cowboy living in
a log cabin, there has always been enough building material to build a shelter for free.

But the Jews have managed to make building a house so expensive that anyone who wants a house must
borrow money from the Jewish banker in order to buy one. All of the building codes, which are allegedly created
to insure "safety" or "quality control" are actually created to make houses more expensive to build. And the more
expensive a house is, the more profits for the Jew banker. A house that sells for $300,000 and for which the home
"owner" borrows from the Jew banker to buy at 6% interest over 30 years, actually cost the home "owner" over
1.2 million dollars to pay it all off. So, was that really 6% interest or was it really 400% interest? All banking is a swindle
and anyone who borrows money from a bank to buy a house is not a home "owner" because the bank owns the
home until you finish paying the banker. And to make sure that he gets his money plus interest, you must buy
home owner's insurance from the banker's Jewish relatives. That way, if the house burns down, you are out a house
but the banker is not out any of his money, plus interest.

But you can own an expensive home in the West without paying the Jew banker, without paying interest on a loan,
and you can buy the house of your dreams cheaper by paying cash, if you use Chinese methods of home buying.
You can read all about it in Dr. Wu's book entitled, Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth, available exclusively from
the Bamboo Delight Company.

And once you have food and shelter, the next thing you need is the Sixth Essential of Life, a a spouse.

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