Clothes the 4th Essential
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Did you know that Jewish fashions cause disease? Whether you wear the latest fashions from
Paris or New York, they were all designed by Jews and for Jews who control the clothing industries.
These same Jews have relatives in the medical and pharmaceutical industries who profit from sick people
so the clothes that they design not only make the clothiers wealthy, but add to the profits of the Jewish doctors.

For women, the Jews hire homosexual perverts to design most of the clothing for women. That is,
homosexual males who hate and loath women are hired by the Jews to design clothes for the women
whom they hate. So, can you expect to find women's clothing to be good for them to wear? Of course not!

Such monstrosities as girdles and bras are a major cause of ovarian and breast cancers as well as heart disease
and arthritis and many other sicknesses that make the Jewish physicians wealthy and the women miserable.
And the queers design clothes that cause sexual dysfunction and delusional tendencies in those same women.
But through the magic of marketing through Jewish Media women are brainwashed into buying new clothes every
six months. Clothes that could last for many years are tossed aside and new "fashions" are purchased. Like most
everything else that comes from the Jews, it is all a sham and a swindle. But worse, Jewish fashions cause disease.

Women should design their own clothes and not wear anything designed by a queer.

Among men, the suits and jackets that the Jews sell cause such diseases as prostate problems, hemorrhoids,
sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, old age symptoms and cancer, to name a few of many.
The solution for this is for men to start wearing whatever feels comfortable and not be concerned with what the "latest
fashion" is because all of these fashions are designed to make the Jews wealthy and the People ill.

But after air, water and food we need clothes to protect us from the sunlight, the wind and the rain and snow. So, it really
doesn't matter what the clothes look like as long as they perform that basic function.

Look to the clothing styles of the ancient peoples or any other people who were not infested with Jews, if you
want to re-learn the ancient art of wearing comfortable clothes that don't deplete your wallet and reduce your health.

After you are safe from the elements, you need the Fifth Essential of Life, which is a comfortable shelter in which to live.

Shelter is the next most important Essential that you need.

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