Food the 3rd Essential
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You can go without Air for only five minutes. It's common sense: you must breathe or die.

You can go without Water for perhaps a week. It's common sense: drink water or die.

And you can live without food for months or even as long as a year before you die of starvation.

And so, Food is the Third Essential of Life.

Why don't the doctors have any common sense? Actually, they are conspiring against Humanity.

Did you know that the Jews have poisoned the food supply? Oh, perhaps the food that is
manufactured in the Jewish Junk food Factories is not so poisonous that it will kill you with just
a single taste, but over the years, as you eat more and more Junk Foods and foods devitalized in
the Jewish food industry, you will sicken and die. That's a fact! And it is another, perfect, Jewish  swindle
that would make any rabbi proud. If you read the Babylonian Talmud, you will see for yourself how much
the Jews hate all People on Earth and wish us harm. Of course, they will deny it to your face, but their own
"holy books" written by their own rabbis show them to be liars. And so, by following the teachings of
the rabbis, the Jews in the junk food industry have perfected the perfect swindle to separate all non-Jews
of both our wealth and our health.

Here's how the swindle works: The food industry for thousands of years has had the problem of
losing money when foods spoil. So foods much either be sold quickly or they must be made as
non-perishable as possible -- ALL FOR THE SAKE OF PROFITS. Yes, foods must be preserved so that
People can eat everyday. But Nature provides everything and every food that can last throughout the season.
But the greedy Jews have been fighting against Nature by producing Junk Foods that never go bad. They
take all the good nutrition out, process the foods, add lots of chemicals and sugars so that the poisons
actually have a good taste. These so-called "foods" can stay on the grocer's shelf for months and years
at a time until they finally sell. But if you eat them, they will not only not give you proper nutrition but they will
actually leech nutrients and energy from your body, creating illness and disease. And the Jews of the Media
make money from advertising these edible poisons. You can begin to understand the power of this if you
read Curing Cancer with Baking Soda: What MDs and Naturopaths Don't Know.

Once again, the Jews have created a perfect swindle in that the Jews of the Junk Food Industry make
a profit from selling junk foods. And then, after the People get sick, then the Jewish doctors and the Jewish
Pharmaceutical companies makes money from these sick people by "treating" their symptoms and selling
them pills. In fact, all the People need is good food and pure water, not expensive and useless Jewish
treatments and pills.

For those of you who want to immediately start eating healthy food -- even if you don't know how to cook --
you can follow my simple cooking and Natural Foods method that I call the Hawaiian-Eskimo Cooking Method.
It's free and you can immediately start saving money on your food bill and on your doctor bills, all while enjoying
delicious and wholesome food. Try it and you will like it. You can get the method for free here.

Anyone who likes good food and good health should try my cooking method. But those readers who are Negroes
should immediately start using my cooking method. Because Negroes have more diseases and have shorter lives
than other people, they can immediately start regaining their Natural Rights to good health and long life that the
Junk foods of the Jewish Medical Conspiracy have robbed from them.

Most Negroes eat nothing but junk food because they believe what they see on the Jewish television advertising.
But junk foods are the main reasons that Negroes have so many health problems and such short lives.
Negroes are naturally strong and healthy people but by following what the Jews teach and sell, Negroes suffer.
The Jewish doctors, Jewish lawyers, Jewish drug companies, and the Jewish-created prison system,
all make a lot of money off of Negroes. But don't be a victim of the Jews. Get back your Rights to Health today
and try my Hawaiian-Eskimo Cooking Method for free.

And what do you need after you have pure air to breath and water to drink and good food to eat?

Of course, you need clothes to protect your naked body from the hot sun and the cold winds.

And so, Clothes are the Fourth Essential of Life.

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