Water the 2nd Essential
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Water is the Second Essential of Life.

Without water, you would die in about a week.
So, water is not as important as air, but you won't live long without water.

This is why it is the Second Essential of Life because you must have water or you will die.
But the Jews make money by selling you canned and bottled soft drinks and a variety of
other concoctions that are substituted for pure water.

Did you know that the Jews have poisoned the water supply both to make you sick and to
ruin your brain? It's true! Just about every municipal water supply in America has been poisoned
with fluorides. Fluorides are extremely toxic chemicals that are used as rat poisons. But in micro
amounts, they act on the brain to create lethargy and a pliable feeling of powerlessness. The Jews
who control the conspiracy known as the New World Order in which the entire world is owned by
the bankers and their Jewish relatives, have managed to put fluorides into the drinking water supplies
so that the People become lethargic and inactive while our countries are being overrun with
aliens and while our rights are being eroded and destroyed by traitors in the government.

Ask yourself this question: If fluorides are good for you, then why is it that the Jews don't eat fluorides?
If you look at such things as bottled drinking water or toothpaste containing fluorides, you will see that
they are all lacking the Kosher Seal of Approval. These little marks tell the Jews that it is okay to eat or
drink such products if they have this seal. But if the mark is missing, then the Jews know that there is
something bad inside that they should not eat or drink. But bottle water or toothpaste that does not have
fluorides, all have the Kosher Seal.
So, why is it that fluorides are something that non-Jews should eat but
that Jews should avoid? And since it is Jewish dentists and physicians who push to have fluorides put in
the water, then why don't they drink the water, themselves?

There is no proof that fluorides prevent dental decay and, in fact, there is plenty of proof that fluorides cause
brittle bones in old age. This is another profitable "treatment" for the Jewish doctors to perform on all of the
old, non-Jews who come to them with broken bones in their old age after following Jewish advice to drink
fluoridated water.

But mainly, it is the ability of fluorides to sedate the brain so that the People become lethargic to the destruction
of our Rights and of our Country and of our People, that is the main goal of the Jewish Conspiracy. You can
read about it, yourself, in the Old Testament where the god of the Jews commands them to Go Forth and Destroy
the Nations (goyim). And more such insanity written by demented old rabbis long ago which the Jews today believe,
is written in the Babylonian Talmud.

So, to attain good health, both mentally and physically, you must drink pure water untainted with fluorides.
Even water that is treated with chlorines can cause you illnesses, cancers and ulcers. Pure water is the
Second Essential of Life.

The Third Essential of Life is Food.

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